Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about our product. If after reading this section you still have some doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.


All core features of Tickkiz are free to use by schools, Parents, Teachers, Counsellors and Students. Schools and Parents are however required to pay a small subscription fee if they want to upgrade to more awesome features.

The subscription fee for schools are $50 USD per month and includes features such as; Teacher Clock In Out, In App communication between staff and Parents, Time Table creation tool and more. For parents they are required to pay a subscription of $2 USD per month for using the mobile application and all its advanced features.

Tickkiz have built in security measures that only allow those with required permission to view a student file, getting permission to do so is controlled by Schools and not by us.

If your school is not connected to Tickkiz then you may contact us and we will get in touch with your school, however its totally up to the school.

No, however we will be releasing a mobile version for Teachers and School Admin which will allow them to use their mobile in offline mode.

Getting connected to your child's account requires you to contact the school's administrator, they will give you a unique Parent Code and you use it when registering the first time. Once you are connected to your childs account this code is no longer valid.

Tickkiz provide 24/7 email support, 9AM to 5PM Daily EST phone support, 9AM to 5PM daily EST Virtual call in support and 9AM to 5PM Mondays to Fridays physical in school Support. We are always available

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