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Attendance Management

Easily track and enter students attendance with our one click module, once an attendance is entered parents may be notified by the app based on school settings.

Behaviour Management

Add custom behaviours, recommend behaviours, apply behaviours to students, and subtract points for positive and negative behaviours and also track that behavioural pattern across all students and departments.

Social Learning

Students can interact with hundreds of short animated learning videos and content, then share those content with classmates or teachers. Basically a social learning environment where students can interact, have fun and learn.

Grade Book Management

Log Student's grades then run reports on that student or group of students, by Teacher, Classes or subject over a specific or different periods.

Reports Management

Generate multiple reports on grades, behaviours and much more, all based on your needs.


Awards are like merits and sanctions demerits. Students will achieve user defined states after a certain amount of points threshold have been met.

Our Values

  1. People Matter - Big Time
    Professional, positive attitude, celebrate and appreciate the team, family and the individual, be risk aware, search for innovation, contribute to a challenging and rewarding environment, have FUN!
  2. Trust and Integrity - Being proud of what we do
    Doing the right thing, mutual support and respect for others opinion and time, trust and openness, communication, being accountable, courage to go beyond your comfort zone and learn from mistakes.
  3. Synergy and Unity
    Teamwork, identify and utilise experience and skills, learning from one another, continuous development, being involved, uncompromising standards, ongoing improvement of our organisational benchmark.


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